Financial ai…. NOT

Went to church today, had a great turnout, many moms were there along with many many family memebers.


Well, the semester is finally over, thankfully/

Unfortunately my learning support math uses a new grading scale. I passed with a B in 0893 and an “A” in  0894. I had 08 setup but due to the way they grade it they add up the B, the A, and the percentage I made in 0895.  So it brings the total course to an F. 😦 I was however told I WILL NOT have to do 0893 or 0894.. we’ll see…

So I went a registered 0895 for fall but I didn’t get them $17 quick enough maybe I can fix that because ALL of next semester require you have access to college level classes  (Intermediate Algebra) so here’s hoping I can get the cash and get that solved.


To add to it, I am now a candidate for Financial Aid Verification or I won’t get any money. So when the FAO send out which group I’m in I can hurry and get my information they need in, on time, so that I can continue to get my financial aid for 2013-14. It’s always a mess at Northeast State it seems and I’m pretty tired of it.


I know I made a C in my Technology in Society class (was supposed to be a D but the teacher gave me some more points so thats goood and very helpful)
Still waiting on grades for
Comp I – F probably
Intro to Humanities  – Hopefully a C or better
LS3 shell Math class – F
Technology in Culture – C


Hopefully I an get this stuff all straightened out, I’m tired of running in circles with this hell hole, if its not one thing, its another. The semester that just works will be so awesome!


Pray this school stuff will work itself out and I can go this summer finish up 0895  and still be able to take Intermediate Algebra and Biology and others. Please and thanks!


Semester is almsost over

Well, just two weeks left. I managed to earn a 92 on my math test on analyzing graphs. Next up is the chapter review, My instructor wants me to to try to get it all done in the next 2 weeks, that way I can avoid having to go this summer just for a 5 week 1 class. I’m happy with my score.

I just hope my comp teacher can help me out to where I passed at least even if its a C or a D, preferably a C.

My other courses seem to be doing well, we’re working as a group developing an ad for a futuristic control to attack people with.

Once I pass these classes (God willing I do) I can do my Biology and Intermediate algebra classes next semester, and be somewhat on track.

I guess that’s all I have to say tonight but be warned, there’s more where this came from..


I suck at math. Among other sciences. But fear not there is a wonderful site with tutorials and practice questions. Behold:

Struggling with math? What about Science? Or History, microeconomics. macroeconomics, etc? This is the place for you. I highly recommend you check it out and give it a try, at least once.

They provide challenges to see how well you do in math areas so far but I think the other subjects are coming. It’s helped me out some, a ton more than sitting in boring lab trying to get the attention of the teacher her assistant which come by only when you raise your hand rather than offering help through the course and explaining things better than the shoddy videos they make you them all and when you’re done you’re worse off than when you started. Khan doesn’t he goes slow, explains it very well and you actually learn! AND YOU CAN PRACTICE until you feel comfortable enough to move on to the next material!!

This is me! 😀


Lots of updates

Well I started attending college in August this year. I’m taking a few different classes. Developmental math, which is split into sections so you can focus on where your skills are lacking. I only needed to do 2 out of 5. We finished part 1 last week, I made a B on that class. This 2nd part is all algebra stuff and most of it is working well with me but time will tell.

My psychology class.. What can I say about it other than it sucks. Its not the content either. I love psychology especially the brain and senses. But no, the instructor. He’s droll. Monotonous and only reads whats on the slide, while we copy down the slide. Occasionally he’ll get talking and get the class involved and then drops it when its ready for the next slide. I’ve seen a few students with very valid questions being told “welll, uhhh, well, there is research about this or that” or a “we’re not totally sure yet but ” and he’ll cut off mid sentence. We had a test in his class last week that no one was prepared for. I saw a classmate from that class going ro our speecj class and she said everybody failed pretty much. Said there were or two A’s and a B or two, some Cs,Ds, and a lot of Fs. I’ve got a hankering that one of those A’s or B’s might be me, it’d be cool if it was.

My US History I class is awesome, there’s only 4-5 of us there at a time we all get along pretty well, there’s this one pretty girl there who sits a few feet away. Tomorrow is our last US History I class then after fall break, Next Thursday Oct 18, 2012 will be the start of US History II (these history classes are meant for US I 1 semester,  US2 another semester) But I think out great wonderful teacher Zachary Rupley handled it well and we are doing well in that class and *GASP* learning something. He’s cool, good survey on him when they pass them out. I suggest if you need a US history teacher take himl

My last class is Speech. Love the teacher, shes awesome, some of the class is nice.  A lot more people than I’m used to in my other classes. Pretty easy class and I’m learning stuff. I recommend Rupley for history and KC Gott for speech and Women studies.

Which brings me to my point. I missed tonight’s speech class due to being sick. I had picked up something awhile back and was starting to feel better and went ahead and got my flu shot Monday while picking up some meds, we were worried it might kill me cause of my egg allergy but alas I live! I did have some hives and itching and such but no where near as bad as that time I went into full blown Anaphylaxis. The only problem so far has been aching body. Thighs, arm muscles, back pain, neck and headache pain. Been pretty nauseous as well.

So I’m wondering if I have the flu, or a mild flu, or a cold or something with the added benefit flu.

I’m trying to get my TiVo connected to the phone line again so it can update itself and hopefully get it going again.

I’ve been going over plans to re-d0 m network, need to move the ProCurve up a bit then run a few drops there and let it handle most of my systems. Some of my switches are a little out of date so may end up upgrading in the near future.

I’ve been sick for the past few weeks. Started out like a bronchitis started going away so went and   got a flu shot on Monday. Now I’m feeling pretty shitty. It’s very difficult to stand up, my thighs and arms a very sore and tender to touch. My back hurts, I am running fevers on and off, having some nausea here and there. Due to this I’ve missed a few classes this week, Math on Monday I went to see what teacher though if I should stay and turn in my notebook and was told I could leave.

I completey missed my physhology class cause I didn’t want to see my test and since I felt so awful I thought that I might go off on him about his shitty “teaching” which involves him reading from the slides we’re simultaneously copying down. Its just so freaking boring and dull. I might record this entire next class.

I’m looking forward to US History II mainly cause of Rupley. Hes a great instructor and I’ve learned more from him than the other 4 combined. Plus he teaches with his heart and emotions. Gets the class involved like its should be.

Anyway missed speech class that I was looking forward to going to but she said I’d be bessst if I left if theres any posibility ofme spreading my illness.

Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon.

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Praises for the King!!

Played some angry birds and cafeworld but that’s been about it for entertainment, been reading some lifehacker and IKEA Hackers, trying to find me some ideas on bookshelves for my books and figurines as well as a better, more efficient, desk. (maybe a chair, too)

John 16:33 (Holman Christian Standard Bible

I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.”

Also remember this: “I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”Philippians 1:6

No matter all the bad and upsetting things that’s happened to me today, I can still look up to my Father above and know that He is always there, He will carry me on and will never put a problem before me that I can’t handle. He loves me.

Isn’t our God awesome?! Let us  lift up our voices and sing unto the one who redeemed our souls!

Hot rainy Tuesday

Worked the Clinic some today. It was okay, some disability forums mainly and Patient Assist stuff.  Had a good time around people that seems to care.

Ended up running out of gas right before the on ramp Wilcox from Morland. So ended up sitting with a local enforcement agent sitting behind me lights ablaze.  While I waited on my ride to the gas store, got back fueled it up and went on about my business.

I’ve been playing some Gaia Online, its pretty fun.  You can see my profile here. Its a pretty fun site, I think. Lots of things to get into. A lot of the nicer items cost cash but if I recall those that do cost RW monies aren’t any better, just a different design. I encourage you to go sign up and give it a try. Be my friend while you’re at it.

Cafeworld same as usual. Up to day 625 in a row of cooking. Need to play some  Angry Birds tonight too.

Tis all

New Pokemon Black/White stuff and more

Well with the upcoming release of the new Pokemon White/Black games there’s going to be tons of events happening where you can take your DS and Pokemon game (usually Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, SoulSiver HeartGold) to a participating store to download a rare event Pokemon.

Currently Game Stop and TRU are/will be having events. So here is a list of all events beginning with 2011 and there’s quite a few going on and coming up soon. Click Here for that list.

I’ve not been participating much with it lately, Harold is on the ball though wanting to get them the day they are released.

So far I have:

I need:

There’s plenty more I need, most of the event Pokemans, I also collect the plushies (mainly by JAKKS) and really enjoy those items.

I am looking for several of the plushies that I’d be willing to buy at a reasonable price if you have one for sale.

  • Wobbuffet
  • Starly
  • Celebi
  • Arceus
  • Larger Talking Wobbuffet plush, I believe there’s a Starly talking one as well.
  • More..

So if you have any of these, please use the contact me link at the top of any page and let me know what you have and what you’d like for them.

I’ve been getting most of what I need at the retail price ($4-5.99/ea) though sometimes lower or a dollar more. So just get into contact with me and let me know what you have, I look for other items besides the plushies but haven’t yet listed them.

I’m interested very much in the Staraptor/Staravia/Starly character and plushies of them.

I’d prefer any item I might buy meet certain conditions such as coming from a smoke free environment, toys that have not been played with or light play, tag still intact would be great (2 tags, one on the plushies bottom sewn in an one hanging off of a plastic hanger) would like both of those to be attached or included if possible.

Again, if you have these items, or might be able to help me find them please let me know using my contact form above.



Lots of fun.. or something..

Not much has been going on. I don’t remember if I posted since the Census let me go but oh well.

I’ve been trying to find a new job, applied at Target several times, but apparently they don’t want me. Also applied at G2K Games, and several other places.

I’m going to be doing a ride along with the police department again here. I did one several years ago and had a great time. Hopefully I’ll get an officer like the one I had last time. I’m anxiously awaiting their call back.

I am giving some serious thought to reapplying with the city police department here. Really hope that if I pursue it, it will work out.

Been playing some World of Warcraft with one of my friends lately, though I haven’t had a chance this past week unfortunately. I got my blood elf paladin to level 33 with some awesome gears and stuff.

I’m kinda anxious about getting the collectors edition of Final Fantasy XIV.. FFXI/XIV both just seem bleh to me anymore.

Cory lost his internet the other month so haven’t been able to talk to him any which sucks 😦

I guess that’s all, not sure what I got on to write about anyway.


What up?!

Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!

Ended up eating 1 1/4 burger and some corn chips and a tasty liter of cola.. actually a 24oz bottled Coke.

Hung out with Adam some, he likes to use my Pokemon figures and other stuff to battle (which means they get smashed into each other quite a bit). We watched some cat/kitten videos on YouTube. Speaking of videos, you all (readers, if I even have any 😦 ; ; should check out “Greg Rutter’s Second Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re A Loser or Old or Something“. It’s pretty awesome as is what he links to.

He played his DS some with my GBA games, seemed to have fun to that while I subjected him to the likes of Avantasia, Iced Earth, Nightwish, and Within Temptation. He seemed to have had fun for which that I am glad.

Thomas hung out tonight. It was alright. He mainly played on his PSP with the new Metal Gear game and we also watched a movie (name escapes me though now), I charged and cleaned up my DS and my PSP with his charger cable he got (since mine has been lost by someone I let borrow my PSP sometime back. I can’t even seem to locate the “Car charger” for it, since I have a device that lets me use those type plus inside rather than being in my car. (Though I do have several chargers in the car and one of them may be the one I need for my PSP).

Talked to Cory some the other night, mostly about cars and a lot about FFXIV. I think I may get the Collectors Edition pre-ordred here soon off Amazon.

I’ve also been looking at upgrading my Sprint PCS phone since I’m now eligible for the $150 discount. The Blackberry I wanted is no longer available it seems, but the new Blackberry Curve 8530, which comes down to $49 after discount and the $100 mail in rebate I have to have post marked by the 24th of this month. I’ve read that its a good entry Crackberry, but also seems to disappoint those who have had them in the past with this new model. I’ll also have to change to a $69.99/mo plan to use said phone (I need more minutes anyway. Free texting would be nice too now since I’ve been receiving them a lot and occasionally sending them.), plus it seems I’ve been going over on minutes to my final bill each month is $80-100s.. so going up to that plan might work out okay.

There is another phone though… The Blackberry Bold 9650, seen some good reviews on it, has some more features I think than the Curve I like, the only bad thing is, $199 after discount AND rebate.

If anyone has any experience with Sprint PCS and Blackberries please leave me a comment and let me know, or if you can recommend any particular model please do so, I’d greatly appreciate it! 😀

Oh! I’ve also changed the site’s theme to something new. So let me know what you all think. I usually tend to use the dark backgrounds, etc but this one caught my eye and I’m really liking it. Feedback welcome!

I believe that’s all for now, pretty late and I need some sleep.

Lots of things

Well I’ve been away from blogging a bit lately. I got a job with the US Census Bureau awhile back. The job was pretty fun, got to meet various people (and various types of people). The whole Census stuff might be in a later post maybe. But I did lose my job today from there. 😦 I wasn’t performing as well as I should I guess (turning in the questionnaires as quickly as they wanted them after they told us to slow down on the turn ins) and trying to get people to answer their stupid door so we could run through 10 questions which take about 5-10min at MOST.

Never fails.

I picked up Pokemon Soul Silver for my DS on my previous paycheck and have been having a lot of fun with it. I purchased Pokemon Platinum today, it looks like it’ll be fun as well! Really love my Pokemon stuff a lot.

Well my ambien is kicking in so I guess time for bed.

Good night.