Bleh few months

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Life
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Its been awhile since I last wrote in my main blog (its possible this will become my main blog for awhile, possibly permanently) and not a whole lot has been going on.

My mom had to have colon surgery back in May to remove a section of her colon containing this mean looking polyp and to get it out before it became cancerous.

My aunt and cousin came up to visit last month, during that time my grandpa had gotten sick and ended up going to Urgent Care and they told him he may have had a heart attack recently and he needed to get to the ED. His EKG showed an arrhythmia and his BP/HR were weird. Ended up getting admitted for bronchitis and the arrhythmia resolved and no heart attack.

I was admitted to the hospital last weekend for a number of days due to an Uppger GI bleed. I was awake for 37 hours (didn’t sleep Sunday night due to the vomiting blood then being in the ER) then got to the floor and was being bugged a bunch through the day and consults and such then a few visitors. Finally passed out around 11-12 that night.

The 2nd day I was still vomiting some blood, my GI doc didn’t want to scope, but he did have an ENT doctor come in and spray hurricane spray into my nostrils way back there and then proceeded to stick a long thin scope into my sinuses. Nothing there but a red area, left deviated septum and some mucous.

The GI doc thought the bleeding might’ve been up there but alas was not. Around 11:45 the GI doc came in and said he guessed he was going to scope me, today if possible, if not tomorrow. Came back in and said 12:30, so that was good. Admissions dropped in after that asking how I was gonna pay, etc (they always pick the best times to drop by… -.-) Endo nurses were nice as always and a pleasure to have. They started sedating me, benadryl 50mg, Versed and then 200mgc~ fentanyl and I was slightly sitting up talking to them a bit and they told me to rest my head back down and then I was out.

Ended up there was nothing found, just old blood in the stomach, diagnosed with Dieulafoy’s lesion (vascular problem, vessel bleeds then stops, bleeds stops, etc so can’t really find sometimes without it actually bleeding). Got discharged the day after.

Got home and checked my application for transport at my former workplace, was declined. My former boss believes its a year to return, but I’m am almost certain its 6months if you voluntarily quit and a year if fired or such. Wish I could find where it says it so I know what is correct. 😦

I’m pretty tired so might post more tomorrow.


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