DFO and MapleStory fun

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Dungeon Fighter Online, Gaming, MapleStory
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Well I got my Warrior to level 17 tonight. I recently got the Knights of Cygnus cutscene and saw the various (and awesome looking) classes available. I’m really wanting to try Dawn Warrior out.

Unfortunately I still have 3 more levels before I can start on it. I’m also unsure about a lot of things about becoming one (well the whole game really since I’m still new at it). I’m curious if I end up starting back at level 1 if I become a Dawn warrior or if I start it at the same level I am when I do the quests and such? If anyone reading this knows, please leave me a comment letting me know.

I checked the maplewiki about it but really didn’t see a clear answer.

I’m really enjoying the game, I don’t know anyone who plays and have yet to meet anyone on the game or even party for that matter. Hopefully I’ll find some friends on there, heck maybe get some of my other friends playing would be awesome too.
I got level 18 Slayer on Dungeon Fighter Online too, I was trying to get my subclass quests done before the contest they were doing ended, but I was reading today that it ended at 10am PST yesterday, I believe I was too late, so that sucks.
I ended up going with Blade Master subclass, it looked pretty fun from the tiny video I saw of the various subclasses on the DFO wiki, plus it has beam sword weapons. How awesome is that?! I went looking for some of those after getting my new job, but was unable to find any. I’m sure they are at least level 20 weapons too, so I wouldn’t be able to use them yet anyway. (My luck they’re probably level 35 or something. xD)

  1. GrahamDent says:

    just keep working at it and eveything should go smoothly

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