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Well I’ve been sick yet again, thought it was the flu but finally went to the doctor about it Thursday when I woke up around 7am hardly able to breathe and talking didn’t work very well. My voice has barely recovered still so it’s been hard for me to talk to anyone.

My doctor told me what the illness was but I can not remember now, started with a “P” but a lot of respiratory illnesses do. On Avelox for it, started taking that Tuesday and kept on and was told to just keep taking that rather than changing treatments. Was also written a script for Tessalon Pearles (Great stuff, though sometimes it doesn’t do much for the cough) but have been unable to fill it yet.

Haven’t done much on MapleStory, finally got like level 24-26, one of those and haven’t really played. Mainly logged in for 3 hours each day so I can get this quest done and get my Diligent Explorer medal. Not played any DFO in awhile since no one wants to play with me on there.

I’ve been looking at building a new PC lately, not having much luck with what I want. I need an AM2/2+/3 (preferably a 2+ or 3 board), with Nvidia chipset. I’ve found one from Asus, which is a great brand for me since I’ve had such great experiences with my other boards from them. But it seems to lack in extra features and pretty design, but if it gets the job done that’s just fine with me. I found a flashier board but its about a year old (which can be good as its been out longer and probably got some fixes out if it needed any) so kinda bent on which to get. Also need to pick out a CPU I would like, Possibly a Phenom II x4 or something would be great. I’d like to get one of those Phenom II TWKR ones but they aren’t too easy to find (one on eBay now though for about 200 at the moment, but alas no way to get it and probably won’t ever have the opportunity to again) or maybe one of the Phenom Blacks would be cool. I’ll also need RAM since my current one uses DDR, I’ve got a decent Antec power supply, but it’s not too powerful and won’t be able to handle the new stuff (it dies on me when I turn on my new cold cathode tubes I got, but the lights I have on in it now are pretty bright). Video card can wait if needed, I’ve got a 7600GT that I love but its out of date quite a bit now and the 9000 series is pretty affordable now, but I’d rather build with what I have now and save up if needed to get a nicer card later on.

The two boards that I’ve seen (if you know of more good ones that will meet my specifications please comment and let me know!) are the Asus M4N82 Deluxe and the ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe (I think thats the older board I couldn’t find the bookmark for it but the model # sounds about right). Anyone have experience with those and would like to share with me please feel free.
I’m set on a case right now, CMStacker (original not the 820  or whatever others they have), but I would like to pick up one of the Cooler Master HAF cases, I found one model of it for $99, but I can get the higher end model with extra bay and not plastic parts for something like $20 more but I could still build with the motherboard, processor ram and power supply and then upgrade case and video later if need be.

The current specs of my computer (Phoenix) that I use primarily can be found here.

That’s about all I can think of now, I don’t think anyone reads this stuff anyway but I never know. Hopefully some of those that do will comment one day.

Sleep here I come!


Well today was goodish. I got Vaprotan to level 19 on MapleStory! One more level then I can begin the Knight of Cygnus stuff. I am really wanting to do Dawn Warrior, it looks so fancy with its armors and swords and things they show. But some of the others are tempting as well.

I did find out that you have to start over, once you complete the quest for the KoC thing it does a new character creation popup deal where you have to name your new character (I wanted Vaprotan as my main character on this game ._.) and pick the class and stuff eventually and start off at level 1. so 19 levels to get back to where I was.
I’m somewhat curious as to if I would be able to go kill stuffs for the quests I did that required you to bring just items, that way I could get exp from those quests for my new character, eventually doing the kill stuff ones, etc.

I didn’t get on DFO any today since I was pretty busy, barely had time to do anything on MS besides get to 19 (wanted to get 20 tonight but alas, got busy and it got late).

Anyway time for bed.