Well today was goodish. I got Vaprotan to level 19 on MapleStory! One more level then I can begin the Knight of Cygnus stuff. I am really wanting to do Dawn Warrior, it looks so fancy with its armors and swords and things they show. But some of the others are tempting as well.

I did find out that you have to start over, once you complete the quest for the KoC thing it does a new character creation popup deal where you have to name your new character (I wanted Vaprotan as my main character on this game ._.) and pick the class and stuff eventually and start off at level 1. so 19 levels to get back to where I was.
I’m somewhat curious as to if I would be able to go kill stuffs for the quests I did that required you to bring just items, that way I could get exp from those quests for my new character, eventually doing the kill stuff ones, etc.

I didn’t get on DFO any today since I was pretty busy, barely had time to do anything on MS besides get to 19 (wanted to get 20 tonight but alas, got busy and it got late).

Anyway time for bed.


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