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Today has been mostly uneventful. It’s been in the 30s most of the day. I finally walked around 5pm or so. Got a few nice pictures of the sunset/moonrise and the pretty colored sky as well as a few nice shots of trees against the sky that look pretty cool.

I’m still not feeling that great. Today I vomited not long after I got up, been nauseous all day. I was sitting here and started to notice the room going back and forth also, not really sure what that was. I laid down around 1pm and could feel the room moving with my eyes closed even.

I watched Public Enemies this evening. I thought it was pretty good. Might have to watch it again with Thomas when he returns. I’m watching some Super Troopers right now but will probably turn it off shortly since I’ll be going to bed.  I’m considering watching The Dark Knight later today. I rented it around this time last year but never did get to watch it, now’s my chance.

Didn’t get to talk to Cory today. Been wondering if he got my Christmas card I sent. I was planning to get his package mailed today but with the vomiting and dizziness I couldn’t make it. 😦

Thomas called earlier but didn’t do much talking. He never seems to when he calls while they’re out of town. Usually just laughs at stuff or makes a huh or hmm noise, leaving me to try to come up with stuff to talk about.

Didn’t hear any news on my MIA Cactuar hat, my mom called yesterday about it but they were closed still, hopefully it’ll arrive soon. I’m not mad about it or such (as she is), since it was around the holiday time and the store isn’t some large operations, I’m sure they got flooded and things run late when that happens. I’ve had great service from them every time I ordered.

Played a little Spirit Tracks today. I’ve collected 5 bunnies in the side game and earned my heart container. Need to get 10 more I think now for some other awesome goodie. I need to get started on the snow temple too soon.

That’s all for tonight.

Edit: Well looks like the canceled the hat order from Toys N Joys. They’ve written and called several times with no one contacting them back. Its a shame that such a good company has seemed to gone downhill so much. I hope they’ll get things back to how they used to be (they seem to have some other complaints out there now even) as there’s some stuff I’d love to order from them again. Then again there’s always HLJ or GKWorld or the like I guess.


Well I said I’d start blogging again, so here I am.

I enabled a feature on WordPress to allow more choices in fonts. Check out typekit, its pretty neat. I’m just having a difficult time deciding on which font to use on the blogs entry typeface. Currently I’m using Terfens for the entry test and GoodDog for the entry title.

Not much has happened today. Cory and I talked some, he’s getting some Christmas money soon, and my gift card was just a small amount to help him to get a PS3, but with that money he should be able to get it without the card, makes me sad. Wanted to be a part of him being able to buy the console. ; ;
Maybe he’ll be able to buy a game or something with it though. :]

I feel miserable today. My head, body, everything feels bad. It’s like that ache you get when you have the flu or a cold or something. Ended up napping some this afternoon but couldn’t really sleep due to the phone ringing off the hook.

I watched Night at the Museum 2 tonight and really enjoyed it. I ended up downloading the first one as well but now I remember I have the dvd already. Both are good movies I think. Many good actors along wil the mannerisms of Ben Stiller make it even funnier.

It started to flurry around midnight tonight, maybe we’ll have some snow drop by for a few days again.

Played some Spirit Tracks today. Didn’t get very far,  just captured some rabbits and now need to get to the Snow Temple. I tried to kill the guardian in the tunnel on the way there but I failed so just turned it off since its late and I’m tired.

So now off to bed, need to write these more before I take my Ambien rather than after. Good night.

Well today was pretty cold. It wasn’t really the temperature as much as it was the wind. One one of my many walks when the wind started to blow, you’d start freezing. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow (Monday). I’m hoping it will, that last snow storm we just had has me all excited for another one of those.

I talked to Cory today some. He mainly talked about some of the football games going on and keeping me updated with certain team’s scores. 😀 Then got to talking about DNS some and how his iMac had some grayed out IPs listed along with the ones he entered. I’m not that familiar with OSX or any of that stuff so did some Googling around and send him the links to some forum posts I found.
I picked him up some Christmas gifts yesterday (bit late), but now his feet shall be all comfy and warm and he’s getting a gift card as well. He wanted that from Wal-mart so that he could use it toward the purchase of a PS3. I hope he gets it soon 😀
I really hope we get to meet soon, he is my best friend either way but would just love to meet him in person and be able to hang out with him and do stuff. Maybe it’ll come to happen soon. He’s a really great friend to me and I love it.
Anyway got his presents packaged up and ready to go, even has a pretty mailing label with a Final Fantasy character on it that I think he’ll enjoy. :]

Hung out with Thomas some tonight, he’s going back up north with his mom tomorrow for a few days. We ended up going to China Star so I could eat really quick then we stopped by Wal-Mart and he got some items and then we went outside and talked to Harold for a few minutes while he took a breather from pushing all those carts around.

We finally made it to the house again and I had to take one of my shots and we were going to watch the Blues Brothers but it was too long (he had to leave early cause of them leaving so early in the morning) so instead we watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle since we had watched the 2nd one last night figured we might as well watch the 1st as well.

We got to do a short walk this evening (I do my longer walks in the daytime as it’s usually warmer then, so  I can be out walking longer without having to freeze to death and such). but only to the helipad and back to his car.

I’ve  done a bit of photography lately in the neighborhood and near the Greenbelt and creek. I’ve been having trouble out of the Hospital security guards when I’m near there with my camera out. But that’s a long story for another time (maybe tomorrow). I ended up with some nice photos, ducks, trees, the creek, all sorts of stuff. I’ll get some of them uploaded soon I hope and will post link.

Well I got my Ambien filled the other night, cost me $60.. also got some new deodorant Cory recommended (Old Spice Invisible Solid, Aqua Reef), I love that stuff, doesn’t break me out or such and smells really nice. But I paid $4.75 or such for it, this was at a CVS, which from the looks of it have raised their prices to way more than others. (Cory mentioned he got a 2 pack of that from Walgreens for a pretty decent price). I got all of it on Christmas Day so wasn’t sure who all was open and I had to get my meds there so just got the deodorant there as well. Now I smell good again.

Well it looks like it’s time for me to pass out, possibly literally. I took my Ambien about 2 hours ago and got busy fixing up iPod and some stuff. So now I keep nodding off thanks to that and my pain meds. :[

I’ll try to start posting more again soon. Just been a rough month with a few bad occurrences.


Woot! Snow!

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It snowed today! Not that little shower of snow where it melts when it hits or shortly after it snows, but the snow that pours down, sticks, and while its sticking more snow piles up on it. Last time I checked on the sidewalk it was 4″, while the yard came up to around 5″!
It was still fluttering out some but had mostly stopped, but they are calling for more snow Saturday and Sunday! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love the snow. I just need to get used to driving in it, since I need to hit up the Shell station but it will have to wait til the day time after the roads have been used a bit more.

Apparently the power lines around here do not like snow. There was some major arcing on the lines below the house, causing me some power problems (losing power for just a moment, to over an hour). It lit up the sky though this awesome green and blue colors. The noise is nice too. (You can check out a video I made of the same lines arcing from a year or two ago on my  YouTube.)

The hospital had to go on generator as they lost their power (Not sure on that one, I thought I saw/heard a transformer go boom), they were on emergency power for awhile and may still be. The local papers site was/is down so haven’t been able to get much of an update.

For your viewing pleasure, I have uploaded some pictures from the early part of the snow storm on my Picasa gallery. I took a few more pictures since then (camera is acting up now, hopefully it might’ve just been the water and has dried out and will work again). Leave some comments on here letting me know what you think of my pictures.

Walking earlier when it hadn’t been snowing too long, was nice. That snowy crunch under my feet, my ability to slide and skate around and freak passerbys. I tried a little walk (to get some night time pictures) but it was fairly difficult to walk and snow was going into my shoes too much for comfort. I need to find my boots (several military issue/police style) so I can walk without snow and junk getting in there.

I suppose that’s all. I’m still sick. Been nauseous pretty much 24/7 lately thanks to my GERD. I’ve also have been having some really bad headaches off and on (though some last a few days). I’ m so fed up with being sick anymore…

Time for sleep…

Well its been a while since I posted last. I guess a mixture between being busy, sick and lazy.

Not much has been going on, was doing some work at OEC, and hunting a job. I’ve got one page (front is filled, working on back now) of jobs I’ve applied for. There’s only one or two in which I was asked in for an interview, the others had either been filled or the business wasn’t hiring.

I’ve been looking into becoming an Electrician. I first need to take an aptitude test, if I pass that I can start my apprenticeship I believe (which involves working with other electricians and such). I need to try to get a hold of the local IBEW since they seem to do the testing, I left a message but no call back yet. Once its all setup, I need $44 for the cost of the test. I need to brush up a little on Algebra since that math plays a role in electrical work. Cory and I both need to brush up on math we think, since he’s gonna go back to school to do this stuff. Wish I could say it was me who influenced him to do so.
Sad to say I don’t think I’ll have any support from my family, as this would be under the Not looking for a job category. Plus I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m doing and electricity is dangerous and I’ll kill myself..  Oh well, Cory gave me some encouragement so I’m gonna give it a shot.

I’m getting a Cactuar (Sabotender) hat for Christmas! From Toys N Joys. (GREAT company by the way, buy stuff from them! Large selection of all sorts of games, consoles, (Japanese consoles and games as well), Anime/Manga/Game items (apparel, wall posters, toys, etc).

Sadly as you can see the hat is brown, they used to offer a green one as can be seen here. But, I’ll be very happy with the brown one as it still is a Cactuar and I loooove Cactuars.  Plus my current beanie is coming un-stitched. Its a nice beanie, got it at Wal Mart for like $5, pretty thick and warm, just some thread got pulled out and the warm insulation is coming apart from the outside of the beanie.

My health has been up and down, I’ve been down to 135-140lbs but have went back up to 145, I need to drop a few pounds again to get to where I want to be at least. I’ve had this headache that won’t seem to go away, its always there now it seems, then at times, it will start to get worse and worse, then it will eventually come back down. Kinda feels like my migraines sometimes. Not sure what it could be, been also very nauseous with it.
My stomach has been driving me crazy. I’m completely out of all my reflux meds. (Zegerid, Nexium, Kapidex) I did manage to find some old Zegerid powder solution that you mix in a little water and drink so that’s been holding me over for now, doesn’t seem to last as long but it does help when the pain/burning gets to be bad.

It dropped down to 16.8F so far tonight, and its just 23:50. Was in the Low to mid 30s during the day today, and with the wind it made walking not fun. I managed to walk down the block and back some but all that cold was hurting my face pretty bad and my hands (even with gloves).

I’ve added more pictures to my Times News Spotted gallery and to my Flickr galleries.

Not played much Maple Story since my last post about it, its still a fun game but I just end up finding other stuff to do, but I need to sit down and play it again sometime soon.

I hope to have my blog back onto my own server again soon, I gotta get FQ paid up and find a new domain name as my one got swiped as I had no way to pay for the renewal. ._. Figures I’d lose the one domain I had for myself and not for system/site usage, and what’s worse, its my name! But keep your eyes out for news about the move. These posts will be migrated over and a big overhaul of the blog site will be in store as well.

Well, I suppose that’s all for tonight. Lunesta has me seeing those darn butterfly moth creatures, so I know its time for sleeps.