Woot! Snow!

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Friends, Health, Life
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It snowed today! Not that little shower of snow where it melts when it hits or shortly after it snows, but the snow that pours down, sticks, and while its sticking more snow piles up on it. Last time I checked on the sidewalk it was 4″, while the yard came up to around 5″!
It was still fluttering out some but had mostly stopped, but they are calling for more snow Saturday and Sunday! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love the snow. I just need to get used to driving in it, since I need to hit up the Shell station but it will have to wait til the day time after the roads have been used a bit more.

Apparently the power lines around here do not like snow. There was some major arcing on the lines below the house, causing me some power problems (losing power for just a moment, to over an hour). It lit up the sky though this awesome green and blue colors. The noise is nice too. (You can check out a video I made of the same lines arcing from a year or two ago on my  YouTube.)

The hospital had to go on generator as they lost their power (Not sure on that one, I thought I saw/heard a transformer go boom), they were on emergency power for awhile and may still be. The local papers site was/is down so haven’t been able to get much of an update.

For your viewing pleasure, I have uploaded some pictures from the early part of the snow storm on my Picasa gallery. I took a few more pictures since then (camera is acting up now, hopefully it might’ve just been the water and has dried out and will work again). Leave some comments on here letting me know what you think of my pictures.

Walking earlier when it hadn’t been snowing too long, was nice. That snowy crunch under my feet, my ability to slide and skate around and freak passerbys. I tried a little walk (to get some night time pictures) but it was fairly difficult to walk and snow was going into my shoes too much for comfort. I need to find my boots (several military issue/police style) so I can walk without snow and junk getting in there.

I suppose that’s all. I’m still sick. Been nauseous pretty much 24/7 lately thanks to my GERD. I’ve also have been having some really bad headaches off and on (though some last a few days). I’ m so fed up with being sick anymore…

Time for sleep…


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