February bleed

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Friends, Health, Life
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Well I had a pretty severe upper GI bleed last week. I went to the ER Sunday morning after vomiting up bright red blood (actually it was coffee ground type the first time then BRB) and having some bad epigastric pain.

Got taken back pretty quickly, NG tube went in which immediately started sucking out bloods. (mind you you are not sedated when they put that tube in, its very uncomfortable and seems to get caught on anything and yanks portions of it out of your nostril.

The ER doc was giving me Morphine 5mg for pain, but it wasn’t really helping. Eventually around 18:00 that evening the doctor for my group who does admissions came and talked to me, we got my pain meds changed over to Dilaudid which helped my pain a great deal.

“Slept” in the ER over night, my GI doc showed up Monday morning for a consult, he wanted to do an endoscopy since he saw the bright red blood. Around 16:30 we started the endoscopy, they thankfully removed my NG tube while I was under a little bit of sedation, I remember all that though so it wasn’t that bad. He didn’t find a source of the bleeding unfortunately. I see him Thursday morning to followup and see what else we can do. He mentioned the pill cam endoscopy but that’s expensive but would help to show if theres bleeding down in my small bowel.  My hospitalist wants me to talk to him about colonoscopy since I am at high risk for colon cancer, have a previous history of polyps, etc. I am past due on my colonoscopy though anyway, I’ll bring it up to him but will have to tell him I have no way to pay for the procedure up from, which isn’t usually a problem with that group as he and my primary doc are in the same group so I pay that bill monthly. The hospital on the other hand wants $500 upfront to be able to have your procedure there. Its actually cheaper than doing that at the outpatient center.

I was transferred to the ICS (Intensive Care Stepdown) unit for a day, where I ended up receiving 2 units of O+ blood as my hemoglobin dropped down to 8-8.3. After awhile I was transported to a normal floor for HMG patients and finally got out on Thursday. The Hospitalist doc discharged me home with a few Dilaudid pills as they were helping my abdominal pain quite well when my Percocets wouldn’t. I found Dilaudid to be a much cleaner drugs in regards to the side effects. I had little sedation, no itching, nausea, etc unlike with Oxycodone or others. I think it might be something to look into having a few of those each month too  for those migraines that would take me to the ER I could take one of those and be done without a costly $500 fee.

My right arm is hurt. One of the sites that an IV was in and where they did numerous sticks for bloodwork has gotten VERY swollen. At first it was just a half dollar sized lump inside the elbow area, but now it has grown down and up, its up into my bicep now. So bending my arm out or picking things up, etc causes a great amount of pain.

I’m also sick now. I started feeling under the weather yesterday afternoon. Laid down for awhile after my brother went downstairs and noticed the body aches and my head felt like it wain a vise. Then I started to feel hot to touch and sure enough a low grade fever. Now I’m hanging around 102.5F. Though it likes to hang around 100.x, I’ll test it and it’ll be 100.4F, then seems to go away then retest when I notice fever again and its like 100.9. Just keeps growing every time it comes back.

My PCP is going to try to make time to work me into his schedule to see me about my arm and illness. Hes just a great doctor, very friendly, genuine concern, will do what it takes to help his patients.

Cory’s been sick as well, hes bee congested and nauseous I think. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon. Greg hurt his shoulder so hopefully that’ll heal up soon also.

Okay that’s enough, my arm is killing me, making me cry especially if I accidentally straighten it out. Gotta be up early anyway.

Good night!

  1. Beatrice says:

    Hi, Brad. My husband had Dieulafoy’s Lesion two years ago, and I came across your blog using that condition as a search term. I know how sick that made him, and I sympathize with you and send all my best your way. I hope you are well again soon.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Beatrice,
      I had one of those with my previous bleed in September last year, it
      was probably the same thing this time. I was supposed to follow up
      with my GI doc this past Thursday but I had to reschedule it due to
      needing to see my primary care doc.

      Turns out (this will end up in a new blog post soon probably) that I have a nice superficial thrombophlebitis extending from mid forearm up to mid bicep (well its extended a bit
      more up my arm it feels like). I had an ultrasound to check on what
      was going on in there and to rule out abscess. Sadly the treatment for
      it is heat, elevation and anti-inflammatory drugs. The latter of which
      I can not have due to my stomach and its tendency to bleed. I did get
      a shot of Toradol to try to help the inflammation but it ended up
      causing some abdominal pain and some severe itching. I was also given
      an NSAID cream to apply to it to help since it has been shown to help
      in these cases but no results yet.

      Right now I’m just waiting to see what happens. If it extends any
      further up my arm or if I notice red streaking or such in my arm pit
      area I am supposed to go to the Emergency Department.

      Thanks again for the well wishes, hopefully your husband won’t have to
      experience that again either!


      If this comment shows up twice I tried to reply from email but it hadn’t shown up when I checked so figured I’d reply from the blog just to be safe.

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