Financial ai…. NOT

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Life, Math, School, Science

Went to church today, had a great turnout, many moms were there along with many many family memebers.


Well, the semester is finally over, thankfully/

Unfortunately my learning support math uses a new grading scale. I passed with a B in 0893 and an “A” in  0894. I had 08 setup but due to the way they grade it they add up the B, the A, and the percentage I made in 0895.  So it brings the total course to an F. 😦 I was however told I WILL NOT have to do 0893 or 0894.. we’ll see…

So I went a registered 0895 for fall but I didn’t get them $17 quick enough maybe I can fix that because ALL of next semester require you have access to college level classes  (Intermediate Algebra) so here’s hoping I can get the cash and get that solved.


To add to it, I am now a candidate for Financial Aid Verification or I won’t get any money. So when the FAO send out which group I’m in I can hurry and get my information they need in, on time, so that I can continue to get my financial aid for 2013-14. It’s always a mess at Northeast State it seems and I’m pretty tired of it.


I know I made a C in my Technology in Society class (was supposed to be a D but the teacher gave me some more points so thats goood and very helpful)
Still waiting on grades for
Comp I – F probably
Intro to Humanities  – Hopefully a C or better
LS3 shell Math class – F
Technology in Culture – C


Hopefully I an get this stuff all straightened out, I’m tired of running in circles with this hell hole, if its not one thing, its another. The semester that just works will be so awesome!


Pray this school stuff will work itself out and I can go this summer finish up 0895  and still be able to take Intermediate Algebra and Biology and others. Please and thanks!


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