My name is Bradley Noe. I’m 28 years old (March 29, 1984, a Thursday). I live in Kingsport, Tennessee in the United States of America. I am a libertarian. I am also an Aries. I am a nerd and a geek.

I am currently going back to college to pursue a degree in Biology. If I can get into one of these nice 4 years schools after I’ve finished my Associates . Science for the win!

I have an interest in anything technology. I enjoy building, repairing, installing, etc computers. I also enjoy telephony, VoIP, fiber optics, good ol’ copper Ethernet cable.

I also enjoy the hardware side of things, routers, switches, wiring, everything.
I enjoy guns as well. I used to own quite a few of them, my favorite having been my Glock 38 .45GAP. It was pawned for a low price, was unable to pick it up so was offered more money so that I didn’t get completely screwed on it.

I also like My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic.  Derpy Hooves is my favorite, followed by Rarity and Rainbow Dash. I Love them all. I own 2 ponies, RD and Rarity, I plan to have the SDCC Derpy or “favorite special pony” .



I enjoy medicine, diseases, illnesses, the way medicine works on a human body is amazing.

I AM A CHRISTIAN. Technically a Baptist. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and life in 2001 and was baptized by Marvin Cameron on July 10, 2011 at First Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN
I suggest reading this I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.

I enjoy gaming sometimes, I like the Final Fantasy series, especially XI. I met a lot of great people on there and the game was just fun, good story, etc. I was Silentwolf of Garuda/Lakshmi.
I play World of Warcraft sometimes, I have a blood elf named Vaprotan on Silvermoon, feel free to drop in and say hi.


Name: QuietcubQuietcub
Level: 21
Class: Dawn Warrior
Server: Bellocan

Name: VaprotanVaprotan of Bellocan
Level: 20
Class: Warrior
Server: Bellocan

*Levels will be updated about every 5 levels (25, 30, 35..)

Final Fantasy XI

Character: Silentwolf
Level: 75 White Mage, 50 Paladin, 40 Black Mage
Server: Garuda

I’ll add more about my real self and my game characters in the future.

Gaia Online
Name: Vaprotan
I recently started playing Gaia. It’s pretty fun, you can see my avatar to the right. I’m starting to get the hang of everything, even got me a house at 58 Barton 139798


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