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Well its been a while since I posted last. I guess a mixture between being busy, sick and lazy.

Not much has been going on, was doing some work at OEC, and hunting a job. I’ve got one page (front is filled, working on back now) of jobs I’ve applied for. There’s only one or two in which I was asked in for an interview, the others had either been filled or the business wasn’t hiring.

I’ve been looking into becoming an Electrician. I first need to take an aptitude test, if I pass that I can start my apprenticeship I believe (which involves working with other electricians and such). I need to try to get a hold of the local IBEW since they seem to do the testing, I left a message but no call back yet. Once its all setup, I need $44 for the cost of the test. I need to brush up a little on Algebra since that math plays a role in electrical work. Cory and I both need to brush up on math we think, since he’s gonna go back to school to do this stuff. Wish I could say it was me who influenced him to do so.
Sad to say I don’t think I’ll have any support from my family, as this would be under the Not looking for a job category. Plus I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m doing and electricity is dangerous and I’ll kill myself..  Oh well, Cory gave me some encouragement so I’m gonna give it a shot.

I’m getting a Cactuar (Sabotender) hat for Christmas! From Toys N Joys. (GREAT company by the way, buy stuff from them! Large selection of all sorts of games, consoles, (Japanese consoles and games as well), Anime/Manga/Game items (apparel, wall posters, toys, etc).

Sadly as you can see the hat is brown, they used to offer a green one as can be seen here. But, I’ll be very happy with the brown one as it still is a Cactuar and I loooove Cactuars.  Plus my current beanie is coming un-stitched. Its a nice beanie, got it at Wal Mart for like $5, pretty thick and warm, just some thread got pulled out and the warm insulation is coming apart from the outside of the beanie.

My health has been up and down, I’ve been down to 135-140lbs but have went back up to 145, I need to drop a few pounds again to get to where I want to be at least. I’ve had this headache that won’t seem to go away, its always there now it seems, then at times, it will start to get worse and worse, then it will eventually come back down. Kinda feels like my migraines sometimes. Not sure what it could be, been also very nauseous with it.
My stomach has been driving me crazy. I’m completely out of all my reflux meds. (Zegerid, Nexium, Kapidex) I did manage to find some old Zegerid powder solution that you mix in a little water and drink so that’s been holding me over for now, doesn’t seem to last as long but it does help when the pain/burning gets to be bad.

It dropped down to 16.8F so far tonight, and its just 23:50. Was in the Low to mid 30s during the day today, and with the wind it made walking not fun. I managed to walk down the block and back some but all that cold was hurting my face pretty bad and my hands (even with gloves).

I’ve added more pictures to my Times News Spotted gallery and to my Flickr galleries.

Not played much Maple Story since my last post about it, its still a fun game but I just end up finding other stuff to do, but I need to sit down and play it again sometime soon.

I hope to have my blog back onto my own server again soon, I gotta get FQ paid up and find a new domain name as my one got swiped as I had no way to pay for the renewal. ._. Figures I’d lose the one domain I had for myself and not for system/site usage, and what’s worse, its my name! But keep your eyes out for news about the move. These posts will be migrated over and a big overhaul of the blog site will be in store as well.

Well, I suppose that’s all for tonight. Lunesta has me seeing those darn butterfly moth creatures, so I know its time for sleeps.