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Worked the Clinic some today. It was okay, some disability forums mainly and Patient Assist stuff.  Had a good time around people that seems to care.

Ended up running out of gas right before the on ramp Wilcox from Morland. So ended up sitting with a local enforcement agent sitting behind me lights ablaze.  While I waited on my ride to the gas store, got back fueled it up and went on about my business.

I’ve been playing some Gaia Online, its pretty fun.  You can see my profile here. Its a pretty fun site, I think. Lots of things to get into. A lot of the nicer items cost cash but if I recall those that do cost RW monies aren’t any better, just a different design. I encourage you to go sign up and give it a try. Be my friend while you’re at it.

Cafeworld same as usual. Up to day 625 in a row of cooking. Need to play some  Angry Birds tonight too.

Tis all