Moar MapleStory

Well today was goodish. I got Vaprotan to level 19 on MapleStory! One more level then I can begin the Knight of Cygnus stuff. I am really wanting to do Dawn Warrior, it looks so fancy with its armors and swords and things they show. But some of the others are tempting as well. I […]

DFO and MapleStory fun

Well I got my Warrior to level 17 tonight. I recently got the Knights of Cygnus cutscene and saw the various (and awesome looking) classes available. I’m really wanting to try Dawn Warrior out. Unfortunately I still have 3 more levels before I can start on it. I’m also unsure about a lot of things […]

Doctor followup

Nothing much at the doctor, he was concerned about my weight loss again, down to 138ish. He thought it might be thyroid but was looking at my last test on that stuff and it was normal so not sure what the plan is with it. He checked my hemoglobin while I was there, I believe […]