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Well today was goodish. I got Vaprotan to level 19 on MapleStory! One more level then I can begin the Knight of Cygnus stuff. I am really wanting to do Dawn Warrior, it looks so fancy with its armors and swords and things they show. But some of the others are tempting as well.

I did find out that you have to start over, once you complete the quest for the KoC thing it does a new character creation popup deal where you have to name your new character (I wanted Vaprotan as my main character on this game ._.) and pick the class and stuff eventually and start off at level 1. so 19 levels to get back to where I was.
I’m somewhat curious as to if I would be able to go kill stuffs for the quests I did that required you to bring just items, that way I could get exp from those quests for my new character, eventually doing the kill stuff ones, etc.

I didn’t get on DFO any today since I was pretty busy, barely had time to do anything on MS besides get to 19 (wanted to get 20 tonight but alas, got busy and it got late).

Anyway time for bed.


Well I got my Warrior to level 17 tonight. I recently got the Knights of Cygnus cutscene and saw the various (and awesome looking) classes available. I’m really wanting to try Dawn Warrior out.

Unfortunately I still have 3 more levels before I can start on it. I’m also unsure about a lot of things about becoming one (well the whole game really since I’m still new at it). I’m curious if I end up starting back at level 1 if I become a Dawn warrior or if I start it at the same level I am when I do the quests and such? If anyone reading this knows, please leave me a comment letting me know.

I checked the maplewiki about it but really didn’t see a clear answer.

I’m really enjoying the game, I don’t know anyone who plays and have yet to meet anyone on the game or even party for that matter. Hopefully I’ll find some friends on there, heck maybe get some of my other friends playing would be awesome too.
I got level 18 Slayer on Dungeon Fighter Online too, I was trying to get my subclass quests done before the contest they were doing ended, but I was reading today that it ended at 10am PST yesterday, I believe I was too late, so that sucks.
I ended up going with Blade Master subclass, it looked pretty fun from the tiny video I saw of the various subclasses on the DFO wiki, plus it has beam sword weapons. How awesome is that?! I went looking for some of those after getting my new job, but was unable to find any. I’m sure they are at least level 20 weapons too, so I wouldn’t be able to use them yet anyway. (My luck they’re probably level 35 or something. xD)

Nothing much at the doctor, he was concerned about my weight loss again, down to 138ish. He thought it might be thyroid but was looking at my last test on that stuff and it was normal so not sure what the plan is with it.

He checked my hemoglobin while I was there, I believe it was at 11.2 when I checked online, that’s 2 points up from when I was in the hospital, which is good. I’m sure it’ll stay around 10-11 range as it usually does unfortunately.

I mentioned that I had another attack of the foot drop problem with my peroneal nerve palsy stuff the other weekend and me asked a thing or two but otherwise nothing else done about it. Friday night it started up yet again and have been having little attacks of it throughout the weekend, not so much today but a little. It’s slightly freaky as I just can’t make my toes (big toe and the two or three beside it) (left leg btw) point upwards. When it first starts I can still move it and it provides very little resistance to me pushing down on toe with my hand as opposed to my other foot which resists the pushing quite a bit.

Was also able to get a few Nexium and Lunesta samples as well as a new med (samples too) of Kapidex. They seem to be pretty good so far with helping my reflux, but I do tend to have to take my Nexium sometimes to reduce the reflux to a decent level.

Not much else going on, I started playing two new games recently. Both by Nexon. The first is Dungeon Fighter Online, it’s sorta like streets of rage mixed with an rpg and online. It’s pretty fun, just got level 18 earlier today and unlocked my sub-class for my Slayer character, now I’m a Blade Master. I play as Quietcub, level 18 Blade Master usually on channel 10 or 12 Grand Flores – East.

The second game is MapleStory, it’s a fun 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG to put it simply. Wikipedia can explain better, or the MS site I linked to. I play on the Bellocan server as a level 15 Warrior named Vaprotan. I’ve not been playing but a few days, but I have really enjoyed it so far. I don’t know anyone on there so if you play feel free to drop me a note and maybe we can meet up or such.

There’s also 2 good wikis available for the games there:
Dungeon Fighter Online Wiki
Another useful MS site I use is, plenty of others out there I’m sure (feel free to share good tips, guides, etc sites in comments sans the spam).

Tis all for now, I need to sleep badly.