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Well with the upcoming release of the new Pokemon White/Black games there’s going to be tons of events happening where you can take your DS and Pokemon game (usually Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, SoulSiver HeartGold) to a participating store to download a rare event Pokemon.

Currently Game Stop and TRU are/will be having events. So here is a list of all events beginning with 2011 and there’s quite a few going on and coming up soon. Click Here for that list.

I’ve not been participating much with it lately, Harold is on the ball though wanting to get them the day they are released.

So far I have:

I need:

There’s plenty more I need, most of the event Pokemans, I also collect the plushies (mainly by JAKKS) and really enjoy those items.

I am looking for several of the plushies that I’d be willing to buy at a reasonable price if you have one for sale.

  • Wobbuffet
  • Starly
  • Celebi
  • Arceus
  • Larger Talking Wobbuffet plush, I believe there’s a Starly talking one as well.
  • More..

So if you have any of these, please use the contact me link at the top of any page and let me know what you have and what you’d like for them.

I’ve been getting most of what I need at the retail price ($4-5.99/ea) though sometimes lower or a dollar more. So just get into contact with me and let me know what you have, I look for other items besides the plushies but haven’t yet listed them.

I’m interested very much in the Staraptor/Staravia/Starly character and plushies of them.

I’d prefer any item I might buy meet certain conditions such as coming from a smoke free environment, toys that have not been played with or light play, tag still intact would be great (2 tags, one on the plushies bottom sewn in an one hanging off of a plastic hanger) would like both of those to be attached or included if possible.

Again, if you have these items, or might be able to help me find them please let me know using my contact form above.




Well I’ve been away from blogging a bit lately. I got a job with the US Census Bureau awhile back. The job was pretty fun, got to meet various people (and various types of people). The whole Census stuff might be in a later post maybe. But I did lose my job today from there. 😦 I wasn’t performing as well as I should I guess (turning in the questionnaires as quickly as they wanted them after they told us to slow down on the turn ins) and trying to get people to answer their stupid door so we could run through 10 questions which take about 5-10min at MOST.

Never fails.

I picked up Pokemon Soul Silver for my DS on my previous paycheck and have been having a lot of fun with it. I purchased Pokemon Platinum today, it looks like it’ll be fun as well! Really love my Pokemon stuff a lot.

Well my ambien is kicking in so I guess time for bed.

Good night.