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Well I started attending college in August this year. I’m taking a few different classes. Developmental math, which is split into sections so you can focus on where your skills are lacking. I only needed to do 2 out of 5. We finished part 1 last week, I made a B on that class. This 2nd part is all algebra stuff and most of it is working well with me but time will tell.

My psychology class.. What can I say about it other than it sucks. Its not the content either. I love psychology especially the brain and senses. But no, the instructor. He’s droll. Monotonous and only reads whats on the slide, while we copy down the slide. Occasionally he’ll get talking and get the class involved and then drops it when its ready for the next slide. I’ve seen a few students with very valid questions being told “welll, uhhh, well, there is research about this or that” or a “we’re not totally sure yet but ” and he’ll cut off mid sentence. We had a test in his class last week that no one was prepared for. I saw a classmate from that class going ro our speecj class and she said everybody failed pretty much. Said there were or two A’s and a B or two, some Cs,Ds, and a lot of Fs. I’ve got a hankering that one of those A’s or B’s might be me, it’d be cool if it was.

My US History I class is awesome, there’s only 4-5 of us there at a time we all get along pretty well, there’s this one pretty girl there who sits a few feet away. Tomorrow is our last US History I class then after fall break, Next Thursday Oct 18, 2012 will be the start of US History II (these history classes are meant for US I 1 semester,  US2 another semester) But I think out great wonderful teacher Zachary Rupley handled it well and we are doing well in that class and *GASP* learning something. He’s cool, good survey on him when they pass them out. I suggest if you need a US history teacher take himl

My last class is Speech. Love the teacher, shes awesome, some of the class is nice.  A lot more people than I’m used to in my other classes. Pretty easy class and I’m learning stuff. I recommend Rupley for history and KC Gott for speech and Women studies.

Which brings me to my point. I missed tonight’s speech class due to being sick. I had picked up something awhile back and was starting to feel better and went ahead and got my flu shot Monday while picking up some meds, we were worried it might kill me cause of my egg allergy but alas I live! I did have some hives and itching and such but no where near as bad as that time I went into full blown Anaphylaxis. The only problem so far has been aching body. Thighs, arm muscles, back pain, neck and headache pain. Been pretty nauseous as well.

So I’m wondering if I have the flu, or a mild flu, or a cold or something with the added benefit flu.

I’m trying to get my TiVo connected to the phone line again so it can update itself and hopefully get it going again.

I’ve been going over plans to re-d0 m network, need to move the ProCurve up a bit then run a few drops there and let it handle most of my systems. Some of my switches are a little out of date so may end up upgrading in the near future.

I’ve been sick for the past few weeks. Started out like a bronchitis started going away so went and   got a flu shot on Monday. Now I’m feeling pretty shitty. It’s very difficult to stand up, my thighs and arms a very sore and tender to touch. My back hurts, I am running fevers on and off, having some nausea here and there. Due to this I’ve missed a few classes this week, Math on Monday I went to see what teacher though if I should stay and turn in my notebook and was told I could leave.

I completey missed my physhology class cause I didn’t want to see my test and since I felt so awful I thought that I might go off on him about his shitty “teaching” which involves him reading from the slides we’re simultaneously copying down. Its just so freaking boring and dull. I might record this entire next class.

I’m looking forward to US History II mainly cause of Rupley. Hes a great instructor and I’ve learned more from him than the other 4 combined. Plus he teaches with his heart and emotions. Gets the class involved like its should be.

Anyway missed speech class that I was looking forward to going to but she said I’d be bessst if I left if theres any posibility ofme spreading my illness.

Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon.

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Well I had a pretty severe upper GI bleed last week. I went to the ER Sunday morning after vomiting up bright red blood (actually it was coffee ground type the first time then BRB) and having some bad epigastric pain.

Got taken back pretty quickly, NG tube went in which immediately started sucking out bloods. (mind you you are not sedated when they put that tube in, its very uncomfortable and seems to get caught on anything and yanks portions of it out of your nostril.

The ER doc was giving me Morphine 5mg for pain, but it wasn’t really helping. Eventually around 18:00 that evening the doctor for my group who does admissions came and talked to me, we got my pain meds changed over to Dilaudid which helped my pain a great deal.

“Slept” in the ER over night, my GI doc showed up Monday morning for a consult, he wanted to do an endoscopy since he saw the bright red blood. Around 16:30 we started the endoscopy, they thankfully removed my NG tube while I was under a little bit of sedation, I remember all that though so it wasn’t that bad. He didn’t find a source of the bleeding unfortunately. I see him Thursday morning to followup and see what else we can do. He mentioned the pill cam endoscopy but that’s expensive but would help to show if theres bleeding down in my small bowel.  My hospitalist wants me to talk to him about colonoscopy since I am at high risk for colon cancer, have a previous history of polyps, etc. I am past due on my colonoscopy though anyway, I’ll bring it up to him but will have to tell him I have no way to pay for the procedure up from, which isn’t usually a problem with that group as he and my primary doc are in the same group so I pay that bill monthly. The hospital on the other hand wants $500 upfront to be able to have your procedure there. Its actually cheaper than doing that at the outpatient center.

I was transferred to the ICS (Intensive Care Stepdown) unit for a day, where I ended up receiving 2 units of O+ blood as my hemoglobin dropped down to 8-8.3. After awhile I was transported to a normal floor for HMG patients and finally got out on Thursday. The Hospitalist doc discharged me home with a few Dilaudid pills as they were helping my abdominal pain quite well when my Percocets wouldn’t. I found Dilaudid to be a much cleaner drugs in regards to the side effects. I had little sedation, no itching, nausea, etc unlike with Oxycodone or others. I think it might be something to look into having a few of those each month too  for those migraines that would take me to the ER I could take one of those and be done without a costly $500 fee.

My right arm is hurt. One of the sites that an IV was in and where they did numerous sticks for bloodwork has gotten VERY swollen. At first it was just a half dollar sized lump inside the elbow area, but now it has grown down and up, its up into my bicep now. So bending my arm out or picking things up, etc causes a great amount of pain.

I’m also sick now. I started feeling under the weather yesterday afternoon. Laid down for awhile after my brother went downstairs and noticed the body aches and my head felt like it wain a vise. Then I started to feel hot to touch and sure enough a low grade fever. Now I’m hanging around 102.5F. Though it likes to hang around 100.x, I’ll test it and it’ll be 100.4F, then seems to go away then retest when I notice fever again and its like 100.9. Just keeps growing every time it comes back.

My PCP is going to try to make time to work me into his schedule to see me about my arm and illness. Hes just a great doctor, very friendly, genuine concern, will do what it takes to help his patients.

Cory’s been sick as well, hes bee congested and nauseous I think. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon. Greg hurt his shoulder so hopefully that’ll heal up soon also.

Okay that’s enough, my arm is killing me, making me cry especially if I accidentally straighten it out. Gotta be up early anyway.

Good night!


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Well my Sabotender hat arrived Tuesday! I went by my moms to pick it up and it fit just right on my head, even covers my ears really well. It’s got these pompom things hanging down from each side, while they are nice, they do get in the way sometimes.

It’s difficult to see the face and the points at the top due to the angle and the color, but let me assure you, it’s awesome. 😀

I’ll be working on my About page on my blog to try to add some of the info I had on my old blog and some new stuff, so check it out sometime.

Not got to talk to Cory lately, I think I’m catching him right as he’s logging or such as he logs not long after I send a message, so hopefully its just that and he’s not mad or such. Gonna try to talk to him some tomorrow and see how it goes.

I’m still not feeling too great. My body is still achy, nose is stopped up some, nausea, etc. Now I’ve got a migraine brewing to add to it all. If migraine is still going  tomorrow I might end up at the ER D: Since they can usually help me when my home meds have failed me. ; ;

Been playing Spirit Tracks more, was up pretty late last night so used that time to play some. Finished playing the game around 04:30 then I think I fell asleep around 05:40 or something, then kept waking up. Finally got out of bed around 11:45 or so. I did lay back down around 14:20 and got back up around 16:50, though between those times the phone rang a few times and woke me.

Well time for sleep I hope, took Ambien a while ago, so it should still be working.

Well its 14F outside right now, so it’s pretty dang cold. It had been flurrying some last night and I saw a tad this morning but not much. I was really hoping for snow again. 😦 No one else seems to want the snow for some reason or another. Most of them don’t give a reason, so bleh!

The Cactuar hat was ordered from, they have some pretty nice items on there, although some prices are a bit higher than at other places I shop at. I do see a few things they have I want to pick up (Silent Hill Save Point Necklace for one.)

Not really a lot been going on here. I’m not feeling too good lately as mentioned before. Today I had some body aches, some chills, headache, and such going on. Feeling a bit better now but am really tired since it is 4am now. I napped around 13:00-15:00, then woke up covered in sweat as usual. Thomas came over around 8ish and we made it to this new game store in the mall, they sell and trade used games, consoles, accessories, etc. VHS/DVDs also, and resurface discs. Pretty nice place. Seems they have a few different places like that around in Knoxville and in-between there and here. I’m considering asking them for a job, I HATE the mall, I hated working there when I did, I hate all the stupid annoying kids in there. But it’d be a job and the geeks would be in there mostly so I can get along with them okay I think.

Played Spirit Tracks more, beat the Ocean Temple. Did some side quests. Think I’m almost all caught up on bunnies now. Gotta transport some townfolk around and a few other things then I can continue on to the next dungeon and all that.

Well time for bed.

Well I said I’d start blogging again, so here I am.

I enabled a feature on WordPress to allow more choices in fonts. Check out typekit, its pretty neat. I’m just having a difficult time deciding on which font to use on the blogs entry typeface. Currently I’m using Terfens for the entry test and GoodDog for the entry title.

Not much has happened today. Cory and I talked some, he’s getting some Christmas money soon, and my gift card was just a small amount to help him to get a PS3, but with that money he should be able to get it without the card, makes me sad. Wanted to be a part of him being able to buy the console. ; ;
Maybe he’ll be able to buy a game or something with it though. :]

I feel miserable today. My head, body, everything feels bad. It’s like that ache you get when you have the flu or a cold or something. Ended up napping some this afternoon but couldn’t really sleep due to the phone ringing off the hook.

I watched Night at the Museum 2 tonight and really enjoyed it. I ended up downloading the first one as well but now I remember I have the dvd already. Both are good movies I think. Many good actors along wil the mannerisms of Ben Stiller make it even funnier.

It started to flurry around midnight tonight, maybe we’ll have some snow drop by for a few days again.

Played some Spirit Tracks today. Didn’t get very far,  just captured some rabbits and now need to get to the Snow Temple. I tried to kill the guardian in the tunnel on the way there but I failed so just turned it off since its late and I’m tired.

So now off to bed, need to write these more before I take my Ambien rather than after. Good night.

Well I’ve been sick yet again, thought it was the flu but finally went to the doctor about it Thursday when I woke up around 7am hardly able to breathe and talking didn’t work very well. My voice has barely recovered still so it’s been hard for me to talk to anyone.

My doctor told me what the illness was but I can not remember now, started with a “P” but a lot of respiratory illnesses do. On Avelox for it, started taking that Tuesday and kept on and was told to just keep taking that rather than changing treatments. Was also written a script for Tessalon Pearles (Great stuff, though sometimes it doesn’t do much for the cough) but have been unable to fill it yet.

Haven’t done much on MapleStory, finally got like level 24-26, one of those and haven’t really played. Mainly logged in for 3 hours each day so I can get this quest done and get my Diligent Explorer medal. Not played any DFO in awhile since no one wants to play with me on there.

I’ve been looking at building a new PC lately, not having much luck with what I want. I need an AM2/2+/3 (preferably a 2+ or 3 board), with Nvidia chipset. I’ve found one from Asus, which is a great brand for me since I’ve had such great experiences with my other boards from them. But it seems to lack in extra features and pretty design, but if it gets the job done that’s just fine with me. I found a flashier board but its about a year old (which can be good as its been out longer and probably got some fixes out if it needed any) so kinda bent on which to get. Also need to pick out a CPU I would like, Possibly a Phenom II x4 or something would be great. I’d like to get one of those Phenom II TWKR ones but they aren’t too easy to find (one on eBay now though for about 200 at the moment, but alas no way to get it and probably won’t ever have the opportunity to again) or maybe one of the Phenom Blacks would be cool. I’ll also need RAM since my current one uses DDR, I’ve got a decent Antec power supply, but it’s not too powerful and won’t be able to handle the new stuff (it dies on me when I turn on my new cold cathode tubes I got, but the lights I have on in it now are pretty bright). Video card can wait if needed, I’ve got a 7600GT that I love but its out of date quite a bit now and the 9000 series is pretty affordable now, but I’d rather build with what I have now and save up if needed to get a nicer card later on.

The two boards that I’ve seen (if you know of more good ones that will meet my specifications please comment and let me know!) are the Asus M4N82 Deluxe and the ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe (I think thats the older board I couldn’t find the bookmark for it but the model # sounds about right). Anyone have experience with those and would like to share with me please feel free.
I’m set on a case right now, CMStacker (original not the 820  or whatever others they have), but I would like to pick up one of the Cooler Master HAF cases, I found one model of it for $99, but I can get the higher end model with extra bay and not plastic parts for something like $20 more but I could still build with the motherboard, processor ram and power supply and then upgrade case and video later if need be.

The current specs of my computer (Phoenix) that I use primarily can be found here.

That’s about all I can think of now, I don’t think anyone reads this stuff anyway but I never know. Hopefully some of those that do will comment one day.

Sleep here I come!